Help a Friend?

Have a friend who may be pregnant and needs your help? If so, youve come to the right place. Every year, Options for Women of Chisago County talks to friends, boyfriends and parents of girls who are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. As her friend, you can help her understand her pregnancy and the choices she has for her next steps by letting her know Options for Women is here to help. Make an appointment for her today. With her permission youre welcome to join her during her visit to provide support and get answers to any questions you may have.

Has She Taken A Pregnancy Test?

If your friend is worried about being pregnant, the most important thing she can do is confirm her pregnancy. Even if she has taken a home test, it may not be accurate. Options for Women offers free pregnancy tests that are medical quality, 99% accurate and more sensitive than many over-the-counter tests. Shell view the results of her test during her visit.

Is Your Friend Thinking About An Abortion?

Before your friend visits an abortion clinic, she should visit Options for Women of Chisago County to learn more about the specific procedures of each available abortion method and their associated risks. Theres a lot to consider, and were here to help her and provide support – just like you. Make an appointment for her today. Her visit will be free and completely confidential.

Many Pregnancies End In Miscarriage

Even if your friend has had a positive pregnancy test and is thinking about abortion, she should know that 25% to 31% of pregnancies end in natural miscarriage. An ultrasound will help determine if her pregnancy is viable or if she might have a natural miscarriage. Options for Women offers referrals for a free, confidential ultrasound to clients who have a positive pregnancy test at our center.

Pressure From Family And Friends

An unplanned pregnancy often brings added pressure and stress onto your friend if she is worried about disappointing family and friends or losing a boyfriend. These feelings many times make it difficult for her to feel free to make informed choices. Options for Women offers the guidance and support she needs to make an informed decision by providing information about abortion and her options. Our goal is to give her the freedom to choose what is best for her unique circumstance and herself.